In the past few years, the world is largely moving towards automation. Various softwares are taking over different functions. Functions which were once performed by humans. One such function is shipping management. Now, you can manage your shipping online by investing in an Ecommerce shipping software.

A simple peruse of the internet will showcase there are just too many in multi carrier shipping solutions out there. How do you decide which, out of the lot, is the best shipping software? This will depend on what you want from your Ecommerce multi carrier shipping software. And this is not universal.

However, what is universal is the things you must avoid. Here are a few of them.

Not a good value for money

One of the key considerations for multi carrier shipping is that they should be worth the investment. For those of you who own a small business, you are already short on cash. You wouldn’t want to spend it on something that doesn’t deliver, right?

Remember, a premium software may not always be of good quality. It is up to you to decide whether the cost is justified by the benefits offered. Read reviews. Do your research. Avoid options that do not deliver value.

Not compatible with your favorite carriers

Among the various tips to implement a multi carrier shipping software, compatibility with your chosen carriers is of topmost priority. This holds true especially for business owners who have become used to using certain carriers. Here, if the software doesn’t offer you your chosen carrier, it is of little use to you. The only exception to this can occur if you are open to change and new experiences.

Is prone to break down

The whole point of using a shipping software is to reduce manual effort. Investing becomes counterproductive if the software you choose is marked by technical glitches. A software solution must be consistent and should work smoothly. If it doesn’t, that’s your cue to not buy it.


Once you know what to avoid, you can rest assured that any software you choose won’t be bad. Your choice might vary from others, and that’s okay. It all boils down to what you want in a shipping software. If it meets your needs, it is the best shipping software for you. Just avoid the mentioned features and you will be good to go.