The success of your enterprise mainly depends on how well you ship your products to customers. To accomplish orders, you need to have perfect shipping system. In the effort to attain this reality, however, multi carrier shipping solution makes all easy to execute shipment process and you don’t have to make a lot of decisions at the very moment. Even you can modify business rules by dynamically changing carrier selection or service in real time without need to have IT related personnel.

With the following key considerations for multi carrier shipping, you can fulfill each order of your valuable customer.

Consider the location

With aim to determine the right multi carrier shipping strategy, its crucial to account for location of your warehouses and drop shippers. Since the location help you identify feasible and efficient way to fulfill customer orders. By muster up your locations and highest inventory SKUs, you can decide about shipping options. A multi carrier shipping solution is helpful in case you want to effectively use the suitable locations.


Mainly there are two types of carriers available. Regional carriers are meant to ship from one location to other anywhere on the planet. But their services are often pricey. Whereas, regional carriers provide more flexibility and people use them to cut the costs or lessen transit times. However, main business point is to determine location wise which carrier to opt for. The good thing about this business rule is if your shipping platform supports multi carrier shipping solution, service selection becomes easy. Besides, whichever ecommerce multi carrier software you pick, make sure to determine its cost after adding more carriers into it.


An implementation of multi carrier solution should simplify online shipping without affecting the existing processes. Just imagine the workflow from an ecommerce site through to order fulfillment location and then to end customer. Consider all the steps in workflow and maintain the essential amenities (hardware, software, connectivity options, weight scale, and laser printer) and resources, for all shipping locations.


Your business can meet various objectives with multi carrier shipping solution. With it, you can achieve the best of both worlds – global and regional. To carry out an optimal multi carrier shipping solution, thought and planning is required.  Therefore, location, which carrier and service is available, how much the ecommerce software is flexible, consideration of these areas can make the whole shipping process optimized and may delight your customers at every turn.